Board of Directors

Daniel Carter

The Trust Company

Susan Edwards

Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB)

Takisha Fitzgerald

Assistant District Attorney
Knox County District Attorney General’s Office

Michael Hatcher

Hatcher Hill Properties

Hallerin Hilton Hill

Anything Is Possible, LLC

Shannon Hampson

KLF Chairperson
Abercrombie Radiology

Chris Kittrell

Rather & Kittrell Capital Management

Chris Martin

Knoxville Leadership Foundation

Dr. John Simmons

Abercrombie Radiology

Randy Smith

KLF Treasurer
Managing Partner
Tradewinds Advisory, LLC

George Wallace

Coldwell Banker Wallace

Meet Our Team

Brooke Allen

Amachi Coordinator

David Ault

Vice President of Programs

Barry Branam

Case Manager, KnoxWorx

Jeremiah Branson

Community Coordinator, Operation Backyard

Charles Brown

Operations Manager, Elm Street

Tommy Bui

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Church

Director, KnoxWorx

Tonya Clark

Case Manager, KnoxWorx

Jessie Collins

KLF Community Organizer and Event Specialist

Chris Cowart

Senior Director of Asset Management and General Counsel

Savannah Dupree

Amachi Coordinator

Sandy Ebright

VP of Finance & Administration

Chantele Faircloth

Chantele Faircloth

Assistant Director, KnoxWorx

Charmin Foth

Program Support Coordinator, Compassion Coalition

Meghan Gaston

Admin and Compliance Coordinator, Compassion Coalition

Alexa Goddard

Director, Administration

Krystal Gourley

Connection Point Coordinator, Compassion Coalition

Anthony Gunn

Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator, KnoxWorx

Carolyn Hansen

Outreach & Research Coordinator, Compassion Coalition

Rachel Hill

Director of Community Care, Flenniken Landing

Ariana Holler

The Regas Building/Event Coordinator

Mikayla Holt

Compassion Coalition Coordinator

Mike Jacobs

Director of Recruitment, KnoxWorx

Evan Jamison

Case Manager, KnoxWorx

Natalie Lay

Amachi Coordinator

George Lokken

KnoxWorx Construction Trainer

Everly Manes

Director of Grants Management

Chris Martin

Founder and President of KLF

Del McCartney

Assistant Director, Flenniken Landing

Ryan McDaniel

Placement Coordinator, KnoxWorx

Vincent McKeIvy


Adam Montgomery

Senior Director, Neighborhood Housing, Inc.

Randall Morrison

Assistant Director & Clinical Therapist, KnoxWorx

Polly Murphy


Dan Myers

Vice President of Advancement

Rachel Parrish

Case Manager, KnoxWorx

Melinda Reagan


Crystal Smith

Education Coordinator

Luke Smith

Trainer, KnoxWorx

Gina Whitmore

Director, Compassion Coalition

Chandler Wilson

Assistant Vice President of Finance & Administration

Jay Zartman

Director, Operation Backyard & Assistant Director, Neighborhood Housing, Inc.